Authentic Paella in Minutes

Paella Mix was developed by Chef Eric Paz to make it easier for the novice cook to prepare and enjoy Spanish Paella with friends and family. The mix consists of authentic Valenciano "Bomba" rice with traditional Spanish spices such as saffron, paprika, onion, garlic, salt and pepper - all in the correct proportions. The success of paella depends on many factors, one of which is the preparation, the selection of the protein is also key, as well as the mix of traditional ingredients and spices in the correct amounts.

With Chef Eric Paz's Pallea Mix you just need to add water or stock, making the prepration of a Paella quick and easy, without compromising the flavor. This original recipe, and the simplicity of the preparation truly makes a difference for those who enjoy cooking Paella. In just a few minutes you too can enjoy a spectacular authentic Spanish Paella! 100% natural ingredients.

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The Valencian dish originated in the country outside the city, and it was the agricultural workers who where the first to make a fire in the fields at lunchtime and cook rice in a flat pan. They added what they could find to the pan.

They cooked snails and vegetables with rice, on special occasion rabbit, and later chicken was added. Besides this traditional "original paella", Valencian's are particularly fond of "Paella Marinera" with fish and seafood, also with meat like rabbit. Paella, however, can also include liver, blood sausage, artichokes and other ingredients.

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         La Bodega Gourmet, makers of Paella Mix 11500 Bee cave Rd, Austin TX 78738 512-263-88344

          Whole Foods (Austin)

  • Central Market ( Austin, Dallas, Houston & San Antonio )
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